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Panta Rhei

"everything flows"


Matter doesn’t cease to exist – it changes form.

2500 years ago the Greek philosopher Heraclitus summed up this scientific discovery with his famous words “panta rhei – everything flows”.

This philosophy is manifest in the loving care and maintenance of graves: observing new growth on our mortal remains offers consolation, because it immediately brings to mind this eternal cycle of matter, this continuous flow of life.

Thanks to URNEO, this most natural form of remembrance is now also available for cremations.

Ash is rich in precious minerals, and URNEO makes these minerals accessible to a plant in an understated and reverent way. The plant’s growth allows memories to blossom. Every day – over weeks, months and years.





The cycle of life

Nutrients from ashes


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URNEO is a visually pleasing, high-quality object for your home – lovingly made by hand in accordance with strict quality standards. The ashes are sealed safely and reverently in a closed chamber and a pot plant can then be inserted, just like in an ordinary flower pot.
Cremated remains are coarse, colourless and odourless granules with a high percentage of valuable minerals. When you water the plant, a patented procedure allows moisture to circulate in the urn. Over weeks, months and years the tiny minerals are released from the ashes and transported to the roots of your plant. An indiscernible and completely natural process.


Even without a plant, the container has an attractive appearance, thanks to a porcelain lid. This allows URNEO to be interred in a cemetery or natural burial site, should you so wish. URNEO is made of 100% natural materials and does not contaminate the soil.

How URNEO works


URNEO is divided into a plant chamber (1) at the top and an ashchamber (2) at the bottom.  A hollow “seal stone” (3) divides the two chambers when inserted.

The corresponding lid (4) is only used, if no plant is inserted.


A patented “seal stone” closes the lower chamber, once it is filled up with ashes.
This is how your local funeral home delivers the urn. The top chamber can be instantly used like an ordinary flowerpot.

1 | for up to 3 kg of ashes (6.6 lbs)


The lower chamber is filled with ashes. The hollow seal stone is pushed into the ashes until it closes the chamber completely.

2| for up to 0.5 kg of ashes (1.1 lbs)


If you intend to take home only parts of the ashes, the hollow seal stone can be filled, closed and inserted into the lower chamber.

3| no nutrients used


If you do not want the nutrients in the ashes to be consumed by a plant, the lower chamber can be safely closed with a provided plastic cap. This way, the plant serves a purely decorative purpose.


When the plant in the upper plant chamber (1) is watered, excess moisture trickels down to the lower chamber (2), thus preventing waterlogging.

Here the moisture is fortified with minerals from the ashes, such as phosphorous and potassium.

The porous “seal stone” transports the fortified water upwards to the roots of your plant by its natural capillary action. The ashes themselves do not dissolve.



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ORF 2 TV-Beitrag vom 27.10.2015

Presse (Sbg. Nachrichten, Die Presse, Falter)

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AUGARTEN Porcelain Manufactory

manu factum est.


URNEO is a visually pleasing, high-quality object for your home – lovingly made by hand in accordance with strict quality standards.


The Viennese Porcelain Manufactory meets these standards since its founding days in 1718. It is one of the oldest manufactories in Europe. The “white gold” from Vienna has been lovingly moulded and shaped, glazed and painted by hand ever since; every single item of finest Augarten porcelain is just as unique now as it was then.

The timeless aesthetics of URNEO and the quality-standards of AUGARTEN make a perfect match.

URNEO by Augarten

background_augartenThe world-famous porcelain manufactory is located in the former imperial Augarten pleasure palace. The designs of Augarten porcelain have been created in cooperation with notable artists ever since the manufactory first opened its doors. URNEO is in good company: Artists of all epochs have designed masterpieces here – the spectrum ranges from Baroque to modern over more than 25,000 products.

Hollow parts and figures are cast in a mold. As soon as the liquid paste, called slip, is poured into the mold, the dry plaster of the mold absorbs the water, causing a firm layer to form the porcelain paste. A few minutes later the specific density is tested and the surplus slip is poured off. The mold is opened and the ware is carefully removed.

The first firing is known as “biscuit firing” and takes place at 930° C. It causes the material to harden but its surface remains porous. This absorbent surface is precondition for glazing. Before glazing, it is time to give the raw porcelain its “identity”. Each piece is checked and cleaned and then marked with the signature “striped shield” prior to glazing. The shield is the coat of arms of the Babenberg family, and has been the trademark of the Vienna Porcelain Manufactory since 1744.

All wares are glazed by hand. The glaze is a liquid mixture of quartz, feldspar, a little kaolin and dolomite. When the porous biscuit wares a dipped into the glaze they absorb it within seconds and a fine layer of glaze adheres to the surface. Handles, knobs, edges and rims are carefully retouched with a brush. The glaze is removed from the foot rims.

Once the glazing has been applied by hand, the porcelain gets its second, or main, firing. This takes place at a temperature of 1380° C and gives the porcelain almost the same compressive strength as steel. The glost firing causes individual pieces to sinter (shrink) by about 14%. This “shrinkage” must be calculated in making the molds. The porcelain now has a smooth, glazed surface, which is just perfect for detailed decoration using a quill pen or brush.
URNEO can be decorated to your personal liking. AUGARTEN is world-famous for its porcelain-designs.
Visit www.augarten.at for inspiration on the various possibilities.

In the technique of painting over the glaze, used at Augarten, the enamel paint is applied with the finest brushstrokes or with a pen on white wares that have already been fired twice. This technique makes it possible to attain the fine, delicately shaded and artistically excellent pattern in the tradition that has distinguished the Vienna Porcelain Manufactory Augarten. For painting special colours are used to merge with the glaze in firing at 820 °C. The virtuous substance in the paint fuses with the glaze and firmly adheres to the surface of the porcelain. As many as six firings are required for multi-colored patterns to achieve the overall artistic effect. Frequently the colors attain their true strength and brilliance only after firing. For gilding, 24 carat gold dust is mixed with a liquid. Firing gives it a dull golden color. Polishing with sea sand and agate brings out the beautiful shiny finish. Painting on white porcelain is done to pre-existing patterns by artists specialized in certain types of motifs. Painting is done by hand, making each piece different and one-of-a-kind. Each porcelain painter has his or her own number, which is painted on the bottom of the new porcelain product. This is the artist’s signature.




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Foto: thomaskirschner.com

URNEO | glazed

Handmade by the porcelain-manufactory AUGARTEN.
Glazed, white porcelain for a glossy and smooth surface.

499,- Euro




URNEO | unglazed

Handmade by the porcelain-manufactory AUGARTEN.
Unglazed, white porcelain for a matte and slightly rough surface.

499,- Euro







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