New life on our last resting place: WATERSTONE brings this most comforting ritual to cremation. Minerals from ashes as a foundation for new growth. Let memories grow.


WATERSTONE is planted in the ground and can be filled with water. The water is enriched with minerals from ashes and is slowly transported to the roots of the surrounding plants. WATERSTONE can be buried in nature or on an existing grave. It forms an eco-friendly and permanent memorial. The ashes inside the WATERSTONE do not dissolve completely.


New growth offers a glimpse to the comforting cycle of life.



Cremains are rich in minerals. WATERSTONE brings these minerals back to the cycle of life in a slow and gentle way.

WATERSTONE makes minerals like Calcium, Phosphorous or potassium accessible for the roots of its surrounding plants. Unlike biodegradable urns, it prevents the soil from becoming acidic.


WATERSTONE is a permanent memorial in harmony with nature.


When visiting the memorial, WATERSTONE can be filled up with water. The water slowly dissolves minerals from the ashes inside the stone. It is then transported slowly through the natural porosity of the stones outer wall. The ashes inside do not dissolve completely.



Beautiful Memorial Plate


WATERSTONE can be buried in your garden or on existing graves. The reduced memorial plate is made of stainless steel. The larger WATERSTONE has a square memorial plate – the smaller on is rounded. The plate can be engraved to your liking and assembled easily.

Discreet Watering-Process


The bottom screw of the memorial-plate is placed inside a stainless brass screen. It can easily be removed by hand. Water can then be poured in this inconspicuous opening. The removable screw is secured by a wire made of stainless steel. All parts of the WATERSTONE are stainless and maintenance-free.

Water-Reservoir for Plants


The filled WATERSTONE can provide its surrounding plants for up to a week with moisture. It can be used as a natural watering-system and be filled with ashes at any time.





PANTA RHEI brings the WATERSTONE-Philosophy to your home: The Urn is produced by hand in the famous viennese porcelain manufactory AUGARTEN and designed to hold parts of the ashes of a loved one.
Up to 0.5 kg of Ashes can be sealed safely in a small WATERSTONE which is then inserted in the bottom chamber of the Urn.  This bottom chamber can hold up to 2 liters of water. The stone separates ashes and soil permanently and transports water up to the roots of the plant by capillary action. PANTA RHEI needs to be watered only every 2-3 weeks.

growing memories at home.


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The large waterstone is a tombstone designed for human ashes. It is 16 x 16 x 60 cm tall,  weights 15 kg and can store up to 5,5 kg of ashes.  The WATERSTONE is filled from the top and closed with a secure plug that cannot be removed. It comes with a massive, square memorial-plate (12 x 12 x 0,6 cm) made of stainless-steel that can be engraved to your liking. To water the stone, one of the screws can be easily unplugged. This “watering-screw” is secured by a wire made of stainless steel. The opening beneath is covered with a stainless screen made of brass.

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The smaller WATERSTONE is designed for pet-burials. The round stone has a diameter of 11 cm and a height of 48 cm. It can store up to 2,2 kg of ashes. WATERSTONE PET is filled from the bottom and closed with a secure plug that cannot be removed. It comes with a massive, round memorial-plate made of stainless steel (diameter 10 cm, height 0,4 cm) that can be engraved to your liking.  To water the stone, the bottom screw can easily be unplugged. This watering-screw is secured by a wire made of stainless steel. The opening beneath is covered with a stainless screen made of brass.

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PANTA RHEI is a natural memorial for your home. The WATERSTONE in its bottom chamber can be filled with up to 0.5 kg of ashes.

The design-object is available in “glossy white (glazed)” as well as “matte white (unglazed)”. It can be bought in all branches of the viennese BESTATTUNG WIEN. You can also order it directly by email.


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WATERSTONE is made of natural stone that can vary in colour and pattern from the stones displayed on this website. Every WATERSTONE is unique.
When shipped, WATERSTONES are packed in a 100% environmentally-friendly fashion. Online pay is available via PayPal. Please contact us for other forms of payment.
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frequently asked questions

Yes. In most countries there are no restrictions for the use of ashes after cremation. Some european countries require a permit to be able to take home the ashes of your loved ones. If in doubt, please consult your local funeral service. The ashes of pets can be taken home without restriction.

Yes. WATERSTONE can form a new memorial on a cemetary. It can also be planted on top of an existing grave. Some european cemetaries have rules against the “scattering” of ashes. WATERSTONE does NOT scatter the ashes – they are stored permanently. Only microscopic minerals are dissolved by the water in the stone. Cemetaries and funeral-operators often try to offer some form of natural-burial for their communities. We are happy if you ask them to include WATERSTONE in their plannings.

That depends how often the stone is watered. Most minerals are dissolved in the first few months. Afterwards, the process slows down. A slight increase of ph-value in the water, due to the acidic nature of ashes, is always measurable. In contrast do biodegradable urns, the minerals are released in a very slow fashion that not harmful, but beneficial to plants.  After a few years, the watering and the resulting growth around the stone should be seen as a symbol for the cycle of nature.
No. The product is made of 100% natural stone that has no negative effect on the soil. The memorial-plate and the screws are made of stainless-steel. The only impact on the ground is a slightly increased ph-value on the outer wall of the WATERSTONE in the first few months.
Yes. WATERSTONE has an opening of 4 cm in diameter (on top for the large model, on bottom for the pet-urn). Ashes can be filled in easily and sealed shut by the plug. The plug is inserted with a small amout of force and can not be removed afterwards. You can ask your local crematorium to fill in the ashes for you – or you can take them home in a capsule and fill them in yourself. Cremated remains are dry, colour- and odorless rocks. You can also use the waterstone without ashes and fill them in at a later time. We provide a second plug in case you need to  remove the first one.
Yes absolutely. You can plant a tree that should one day be your memorial and let WATERSTONE help keeping it watered. WATERSTONE is a natural water-reservoir in the ground. Once filled, it provides its surrounding plants with moisture for weeks.  If you want to fill in Ashes at a later time, you need to remove the memorial-plate. To remove the plug, drill a hole in it and try to pry it out gently with a flexible bar. The plug is designed to be safe so be patient. Once it is out, fill in the ashes and seal it shut again with the spare plug.  
The large WATERSTONE has a total height of 60 cm. It should be buried 50-60 cm deep, so that the memorial-plate is well visible. The smaller WATERSTONE has a total height of 45 to 48 cm and should be buried 40 – 45 cm deep. 
Yes. WATERSTONE can also be fully buried under the earth and be watered by a pipe. Ask your local stonemason to drill a small hole in the stone of your choice to create a “watering stone”. 
Yes. WATERSTONE celebrates life and as its inventors, we try to minimise our impact on the environment. WATERSTONE is handmade with fair working conditions in Austria. It is made of 100% natural stone. It is shipped in 100% recyclable cardboard.


(c) Michaela Steiner

(c) Michaela Steiner

I was born in 1975 and grew up in a village wher the cemetery is located in the center. Most graves are green and are decorated with flowers in spring. The cemetery is changing with the seasons. The cemetery is alive.

Today I work as a designer and journalist in vienna. The cemeteries here are green as well – because the city cares for them. The individual tradition of decorating graves with life plants and flowers has become rare. It is considered time-consuming and expensive.

With WATERSTONE I want to remove these hurdles and bring this important tradition back to our attention. To be reminded of our mortality should not be regarded as a burden but a chance to focus on the essentials in life. A grave should not be a monument of death but an oasis of life.




(c) Mag. Bernhard Bergmann

(c) Mag. Bernhard Bergmann

Natures items are unique – and so are the products of Heinz Dissauer. The skilled carpenter has expanded his “palette” over the years to all of natures materials.

Today, Heinz builds unique works of art out of wood and stone. All of them are made by hand. They meet the highest standard of quality.

You can see more of Heinz’ work at








growing memories

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